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Little Day Miniatures & Accessories
Edmonton, Alberta Canada
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    Edmonton Alberta, Canada
    T5A 0S1
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    “Who Am I?”
    Hello, My name is Jennifer Izquierdo and I am a local artist grown out of Edmonton Alberta. I have been hand sculpting realistic miniatures since the beginning of 2013! I am continuously dreaming up unique ways of making the “out of the ordinary” and “weird” seem appealing and sweet at the same time. A million miles per hour creative jumble in my head, a world where Techno Color and a Whimsical Imaginarium exists, and it’s’ only purpose is to be shared with everyone! It’s a world of joy and peace co-inhabiting with creative chaos, and it’s where weird is gooooood! Here’s to inviting you into my wee little day today☺

    “Why I Love Miniatures?”
    Have you ever watched a child observe a colony of ants carry and bring back a chicken nugget crumb to its home? The joy and amazement in the child’s little face is priceless. Being big in a tiny scale world give us an opportunity to appreciate the details and see a world from a whole new perspective… perhaps a child’s perspective☺ Wouldn’t it be nice if we could see the “live” world from above? How awesome would it be to watch all the tiny cars drive by and the little ant sized people walking their teeny dogs while the teeny clouds water our itty bitty plants? Picture it… It’s cute right? There is a level of comfort in it. Nothing is out of reach and nothing is hidden☺ It’s safe☺
    Another thought… why is it that when we see things in wee size we say “Aweee… so cute!” There’s something about these miniatures that is so endearing to me. They’re almost like babies. Every time you’re around them they make you smile and giggle and say “Oh! So cute!” “Oh… so lovely & sweet”, “Oh my … so fragile”. I’ve also noticed that when people handle some of my teeny creations their voices change to a higher pitch☺ Kind of like how our voices change when we talk to a baby! Funny Hey? I think that’s why I have great joy creating miniatures and am in awe of the detail and beauty in each tiny creation. It’s in the human reaction, the sound of joy in their voices and the eyes lighting up that makes my heart jump with joy and has me loving making teeny things today. This is my soul pay☺

    Thank you for sharing in the love of wee things☺ xo
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